How to Join TikTok Creator Fund in 2024? (Ultimate Guide)

On tiktok, creators express their talent by creating unique and attractive content using the tools and latest features; after watching the progress and struggles for their content, TikTok has launched the fund mode for the creators to appreciate their hard work. This reward mode has some requirements; after completing them, creators will get it.

How to join TikTok Creator Fund

This is considered financial support for the creators; after completing some requirements, the monetization mode gets activated on the creator profile. Here we will tell you how you can join this fun, which are requirements about the calculator and how much you can earn money from this fun; we will clear all the doubts about this.

What is the tiktok Creator Fund?

Tiktok is a platform allowing users to earn by performing their content through the TikTok creator fund, It is specially designed for the creators to achieve by completing the requirements for monetizing this program. As the monetization process activates then the earning process is started and this method is based on the views on the videos of the creators.

This earning as the salary for the creators, is also increased by the performance of the creator and the views of the videos, as this salary is paid to the creator every month which can boost the energy level of the creator and the start improving their contents. You can consider the reward for the creators by performing well in their contents and this Convenience is only for the famous creators who activate their monetization.

Tips for Adults user

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What are Requirements to join tiktok Creator Fund program of Tiktok?

If you want to be the part of this program then you have to follow these requirements that can enable you for the earning:

  • You are must be 18 or 18+
  • You have at least 10000+ followers or more than it
  • You have 100,000+ views in the last 28 days
  • Consistency in post of content
  • Must follow the Tiktok guidelines
Requirements to join tiktok Creator Fund

After completing all these requirements, you have read the terms or conditions and then allow it, then your receive some options like:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Salary from other sources
  • Number
  • As you successfully put all your information then you will be able to click the apply option for this fund program.

Method of tiktok Creator Fund

The method of tiktok creators fund is simply, you get views then you can earn as you can get more views then you will earn more, the main role in the fund system is the view so you have to engage your audience for getting more viewsTiktok is a way to express your talent and earn money. With that; you can enjoy entertainment and also pay for it.

You have to complete the requirements and then fill out the application form that is available in the application on the original website of the tiktok, put your information, allow the conditions, and agree on the terms as you can apply them.

How to join Tiktok Creator Fund?

The joining method of the creator fund is more accessible as you complete all the requirements and follow the given requirements:

  • First, click on the hamburger option available on the upper side corner and go to creator tools.
  • Click on the creator fund
  • Verify the age
  • Accept the conditions and terms
  • Click on the Apply option
  • Then you have to wait for the confirmation message from the TikTok management in 30 days, If the case you can not accept, you have to apply again. By then, you will receive the approval message.
TikTok Creator Fund settings

How are funds calculated?

The earring of the creators depends upon two factors:

Your content has passed the conditions and terms of the tiktok team
The number of viewers that the tiktok can demand has been completed, and creators have the engaging abilities to attract the viewers toward their content, which can affect the earning fund.

The video with high engagement potential will give you more fun than the other videos; as all the videos do not perform the same, their earrings will not be identical, and it will show your monthly earrings on your dashboard here. You can also see which video gives you more profit.

How much can creators earn from the Tiktok Creator Fund?

After all the requirements and procedures, creators thought about how much they could earn from their videos, so as we already tell you, views are the most important that can increase or decrease your funds. If your video gets 1000+ views, you will earn about $ 0.02 to 0.04.

For the more earnings from tiktok social media site, you have to follow other ways like marketing the product, dealing with the brand, partnership with the clothing or make a brand as your are an artist then you can earn every month, build attraction with followers for more views and promote your business through your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

A creator can earn about $ 0.02 to $ 0.04 as their video gets 1000+ views on the video.

You have to pass the following requirements

  • Age must be 18 or 18+
  • 10000+ followers
  • 100,000+ views on video in last 28 days
  • Regularly posting videos
  • Follow the community guideline

Views are most important in the earring of the tiktok program; you have improved your engaging skills that can attract more viewers to your video.

Yes, as a creator, you can see your monthly and daily progress and compare your video earrings.


If you want to how to join Tiktok Creator Fund?And you are a creator on the tiktok platform, then we have good news for you, you can earn through your content; you have to follow the rules and requirements of tiktok that enable you to make from your daily content. If you are 18+, 10000+ followers are following you, and you get 100000+ views on your video in a month, then you will easily apply for this program, and you can earn per view of your videos, then you can withdraw this money.

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